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LabWelcome to Crisp Malting Group’s toolbox.  We plan to use this area to post tools which we find useful in the management of our business; excel spreadsheets, links, interesting text etc. We hope you find something useful!

NOTE if you wish to download the applications, right click and “save as” or "save target as"

Control Charts

Charting techniques are a great way to monitor and control systems. The techniques can be applied equally in processing, quality and laboratory environments.  Click the link below to open a simple spreadsheet which you can use or download to set up your own control chart(s).

Link to Control Chart spreadsheet

Interpretation of charted data is easy.  By learning some simple rules you will be able to use the charts to make statistically valid decisions.  Click this link to find some in depth info on the application of the “Westgard Rules”.

Link to

wortBlending Calculator

The link below opens a spreadsheet which can be used to calculate the weighted average of up a six component blend.  In this sheet “missing data points” do not carry through as zero and the blend is therefore based on the data available.

Weighted average calculations are routinely carried out in malting operations in order to predict the quality of blended batches prior to release to the customer.

lab4Link to Blending Calculator spreadsheet

Useful Links

We have compiled a list of links you may find useful for the following:
Government, Brewing and Distilling Associations, Malting Association, Barley, Institute links




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