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Great Ryburgh is the largest of the five production sites of Crisp Malting Group Ltd and provides a unique historical insight to the developments which have taken place within the malting industry over the last 150 years.  The site has its origins in the 1850’s and today we are still making floor malt keeping the spirit of our malting heritage alive. Hand crafted, bespoke floor malt using the traditional Maris Otter malting barley is greatly sought after by craft brewers across the world.

The Saladin Malting plant was developed in the early 1960’s signalling the start of mechanised malt production at Great Ryburgh.  The Vat malting plant was added in 1973 and in 1991 and 1996 we saw a significant increase in production capability and capacity with the addition of the modern stainless steel Redler and Qualter Hall Plants, incorporating CIP and fully automated process control.

Originally one of the largest floor malting sites in Europe, the site, through a program of expansion and modernisation, has become one of the largest and most efficient malting plants in the UK producing 115,000 tonnes of finished malt per annum.

In addition to the mainstream production plants the site operates a 10 tonne pilot maltings.  This provides a useful extension to our laboratory based research facilities and can double as a small scale production plant for specialist products and customer trials.

With production batch sizes ranging from 10 - 215 tonnes there is flexibility to provide the widest possible range of quality malts to service the brewing and food industry customer base worldwide.

In terms of barley availability and quality we could not be better positioned.  The Ryburgh site sources much of the barley from the surrounding area and the North Norfolk region is regarded as one of the prime barley growing areas of the UK. With the dedication of our contract growers consistently providing high quality malting barley we are able to take much of this barley straight from the farm into our intakes on site and at our dedicated storage facility at Rackheath near Norwich for drying and storage prior to use at Great Ryburgh.

Recent investments in barley drying facilities and storage for barley screenings and residual malt pellets have been recently erected; further investment in raw material handling has provided an additional 6,000 tonnes of barley storage in two new 3,000 tonne silos.

The latest project to be completed has been the installation of a new kiln loader and roof on our Redler kiln.  Constructed in stainless steel this new machine will operate at a higher level of efficiency and further design improvements have improved hygiene standards.

The site is managed by Jake Lambert, who joined Crisp Malting Group Ltd in July 2009 bringing with him 14 years of brewing and malting experience.  Previously Jake managed Mistley Maltings and prior to that was a Staff Brewmaster for the largest brewing company in the world, working in a range of areas from quality and production to corporate governance and brewing raw material plant auditing.

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