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CMG make and supply a full range of barley malts for brewing, distilling and

Ditchingham and our main malting facility at Great Ryburgh with floor,
saladin boxes and state of the art malting plants are ideal for a cross
section of brewing malts from North Norfolk Maris Otter Pale Ale malt for
Traditional Ale to Rheinheitsgebot approved Pilsen malt.

Pale Ale, Mild Ale, and Lager malts are made from top quality IOB approved 2
row spring and winter barley in addition to our Proanthocyanidin free malt.

In Scotland at our Portgordon and Alloa plants we make Pot Still malt for
malt whiskies, High Enzymic malt for grain distilling and a range of brewing
malts including Ale, Munich and Pilsen.

All malt is made to customer specifications under the strictest quality

For further information email [email protected]

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