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“Steeped” in Tradition

The story starts with Frederick Smith (b 1827) and his brother George (b 1834) who, having acquired land and a grain mill in Gt Ryburgh, Norfolk, branched out into malting in the 1870s.  

In 1890, when the company was registered it was the largest maltster in East Anglia.

The company’s success and expansion continued until slowed by bomb damage sustained during WWII and the 1940s economic depression.

The maltster, John Crisp stepped in and Crisp Malting Ltd was created in 1962 initiating another period of sustained growth and expansion which saw capacity increase from 19,700 to 215,000 tonnes per annum.

In 2005, the share capital of Anglia Maltings (Holdings) Ltd, comprising Crisp Malting Group and EDME, was acquired by Ragleth Ltd: a group of private investors led by David Thompson and further expansion increased annual output to over a quarter of a million tonnes of malt.

1962-3             Gt Ryburgh, production capacity increased - Saladin boxes
1964-5             Gt Ryburgh, barley storage capacity increased by 21,000t
1971                Purchase of EDME, food ingredient specialists
1976                Gt Ryburgh, production capacity increased - VATs
1979                Portgordon (Scotland) maltings built
1981                Ditchingham (Suffolk) maltings built
1989-91           Gt Ryburgh, production capacity increased - Redler expansion
1989                Ditchingham, production capacity increased
1996                Gt Ryburgh, production capacity increased - Qualts expansion
2002                Alloa (Scotland) maltings acquired
2003                Gt Ryburgh, new malt handling and storage facilities
2006                North Norfolk barley growers partnership launched
2008                Gt Ryburgh, new barley storage facilities
2008                Membury (W Berkshire) barley storage complex operational
2009                Membury barley growers partnership launched
2009                Mistley (Essex) maltings acquired

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