Crisp Malting Award grain

The Crisp Malting Award was first presented in 1990. It is awarded to the best candidate based on examination results sitting the Intitute of Brewing and Distilling's Diploma Brewing Module 1. The prize money is currently £250 and the winner also receives a Crisp Malting Award shield.

Hearty congratulations to Tran Thi Ngoc Loan of Vietnam Brewery Ltd for achieving the top mark in the IBD Diploma in Brewing Module 1 Examination for 2011

Previous Winners

2010 - Stephen Bossu, UC Davis USA

2009 - Tyler Laverty, UC Davis, USA

2008 - Louis R De Jager, South African Breweries, South Africa

2007 - Helen Atchison, Molson Coors, Canada

2006 - Helen S Jonland, Coors Brewing Company, Golden

2005 - Hazel Bryan, Interbrew UK Ltd, Magor

2004 - Gareth Bateman, Young & Co's Brewery PLC, Wandsworth

2003 - Trevor Durant, Carlsberg Tetley Brewing Ltd, Leeds

2002 - Richard Hollingworth, Carlsberg Tetley Brewing Ltd, Northampton

2001 - Peter Matthew Watt, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd, Girvan

2000 - Audrey Smyth, Guinness Ireland Group, Dublin

1999 - Philip Kyte, Whitbread Beer Company, Magor

1998 - Andrew Tabona, Whitbread Beer Company, Magor

1997 - Mike Fletcher, Sleeman Brewing & Malting Ltd, Ontario

1996 - Patrick Finn, Midland Malting Co Ltd, Co. Offaly

1995 - Colin O'Brien, E Smithwick & Sons Ltd, Kilkenny

1994 - Stephen Merritt, Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries PLC, Wolverhampton

1993 - Simon Wright, Carlsberg Tetley Brewing Ltd, Warrington

1992 - Jane Bacon, Mansfield Brewery PLC, Nottingham

1991 - David C Hough, Whitbread Beer Company, Cheltenham

1990 - Janice L Hutton, Wrexham Lager Brewery Company Ltd, Wrexham

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