Top 10 fun facts about beer

Beer is a drink that has been in existence from the ancient Mesopotamia. It is a drink that a won broke many people’s hearts for various reasons such as refreshment while at the same time has been a curse to some for reasons such as addiction and abuse. That aside this article isn’t about which side you should choose but rather a compilation of interesting facts of beer that has nothing to do with you being a teetotaler or a compulsive drinker.

Pharaoh’s paid labourers with beer

During the ancient Egypt era, the Nile River had too much bacteria rendering the river Nile water undrinkable. Instead the Egyptians opted for beer to quench their thirst. Beer was a valuable commodity back then and was stored in alcohol buzz and the pharaohs used to reward the workers for their day job during the construction of Giza pyramid. The labourers used the used beer too as refreshment. The beer became part of their lives till it reached a point that the labourers would rebel if they didn’t receive their share of the beer which was served three times a day.

World’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan Started in 1040

Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery still functioning to date. The brewery is located in Freising, Bavaria, Germany and its history dates back to the 8th Century AD. However, it began official beer production in 1040 after obtaining a license. Though the brewery might seem to be archaic, it has adopted to modern business trend such as a website:, a Facebook page, and Twitter handle. Their excellence at their craft is still manifested even at the present moment, for instance, four of their beers won accolades at the World Beer Awards in London. The company’s operation seems not be stopped by anything. For how long they are going to operate is unclear, from the outlook of the business, they might be in business for another decade or century.

Czech Republic is the world’s leading beer drinking nation

The Czech holds the record of the most beer consumers in the world. On results published in 2014 based on statistics based on per capita, the Czechs consume 148.6 litres of beer a year per person. This is record that it has held for consecutive 20 years.

Oktoberfest –world’s largest beer festival

The Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival that has been in practice for over 200 years. The event is held annually in Munich, Germany and over 7 million people show up for the event. Though termed as Oktoberfest, the event actually happens in September. During the event, Munich brewed beers are the only ones served and you only raise your glass when the major gives the nod by saying O’ ‘zapft is’ and offers a mug of a beer to the head of Bavaria state. It might look tempting to attend one, but, keep in mind of poisoning; there are reports of 600-800 people poisoned each year. Source

Hijacker surrenders in exchange for beer

On June 21, 1985, a 24 year old former convict held hostage two pilots and three flight attendants slightly after touching down from a flight to Oslo from Trondheim. The hijacker’s intention was to meet the Prime Minister Mr Willoch and Justice Minister Mona Rokke to air out his grievances of harassment from authorities. The hijacker was armed his only demand to the police officers was beer. The police complied with his request and he didn’t do any harm to any of the hostages. He did this to appoint where one of the police officers demanded his pistol in exchange for beer which the convict gave in.

Alcohol has health benefits

As contrary to most o public belief, alcohol is known to have some positive health benefits to the human body. Some of the benefits include strengthening bones, helps in anti-aging, hold anticancer properties reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases and much more.

Temple built from 1.5 million beer bottles

In 1984, monks in Sisaket area near Cambodia Thailand encouraged residents to reuse waste by encouraging everyone to bring beer bottles to help them build a temple design. From what seemed like a casual joke, ended up in a complex absorbing over 1.5 million bottles of beers. The beers were mostly from local brands and Heineken. The temple has space for sleeping quarters, crematorium, temple space, and toilets.

Light makes beer go bad

Light is an enemy to the lifetime of a beer. When touched by light, beer turns sulfurous. That explains why most of the beer bottles are brown, to prevent light from reaching the beer. At the same time, kegs which are lower quality beers are stored in containers with no light allowance.

Wife’s weight in beer is the reward for a contest in Finland

A contest is held yearly in Sonkajärvi, Finland where the men are required to carry their wives on their shoulders on murky grounds. The winner of the contest is rewarded with beer equivalent to the weight of his wife.

Brussels lace, a test of beer quality and clean glass

In determining the quality of beer, you should tilt the beer to side. If the foam adheres to the bottle the beer is considered to be of good quality and the glass is clean. If the beer doesn’t stick you should doubt the quality of the beer, the cleanliness of the glass or both.